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We recently wrote about how the NXIVM sex trafficking cult was using a precedent set by Scientology to protect themselves from charges of forced labor, coercion and blackmail. There may be a missing link that accounts for these startling similar styles of operation. 

Back in September, also in 2003, Cult News (which is sponsored by Cult Education Institute) published an article explaining how Nancy O’Meara had “coached” NXIUM which could be a further explanation of how and why similar tactics have been employed. 

The comment regarded Keith Raniere, head of NXIVM, working to legally suppress detractors by claiming copyright and trade secret violations. This form of “lawfare” had been similarly unsuccessful when Scientology recently attempted to use the same argument to keep OT materials from being released on the internet. 

A real connection between the two is Nancy O’Meara, a high ranking Scientologist who, get this, also happens to be involved in the Cult Awareness Network (CAN). 

How can that be, you may ask? In 1995, Rick Ross and two other members of CAN were found guilty of violating the right to freedom of religion in relation to the Life Tabernacle Church. Ross was made to pay over $3 million in damages, CAN was also liable for over $1 million. When their assets (including records, name, and phone number) were sold at auction for $20,000 they were purchased by a Scientologist

It goes deeper than that, though. NXIVM is something of a knock-off version of Scientology “tech.” Rick Ross refers to Raniere as a “squirrel,” which is Scientology slang for someone who uses Dianetics “tech” outside of the bounds of traditional Church of Scientology practice. 

Raniere even uses the term “suppressive” (another bit of COS jargon) to describe “enemies” of the cult. 

Back in September, also in 2003, Cult News (which is sponsored by Cult Education Institute) published an article explaining how Nancy O’Meara had “coached” NXIUM which could be a further explanation of how and why similar tactics have been employed.

Frank Parlato of “A reader wrote me as follows: “A commenter named 9001 put a link from Cult Education Forum on Tony Ortega’s blog post today.

“Cult Awareness Network, or CAN, was sued into bankruptcy by Scientology. CAN went bankrupt and was subsequently bought by Scientologists. So desperate parents calling the organization might find themselves talking to a Scientologist instead of someone who would help them.

“The info linked below indicates that the [Scientology-owned] new CAN assisted Raniere.

“If true, this shows an early connection between Raniere and Church of Scientology. It would explain Rainiere’s use of term ‘suppressive’, which is a Scientology catch-all term for people who act against them. And maybe it explains Raniere’s use of ‘lawfare’ against his enemies, which is right out of the Scientology playbook.  

Here is the link,5158,5163#msg-5163

The Cult Awareness Network(CAN) was an organization created by deprogrammerTed Patrick[1] that provided information on groups that it considered to be cults, as well as support and referrals to deprogrammers.[2][3][4] It was founded in the wake of the November 18, 1978 deaths of members of the group Peoples Templeand assassinationof Congressman Leo J. Ryanin JonestownGuyana, and was shut down in 1996. Its name and assets were later bought by a group of private donors (some of whom were Scientologists) in bankruptcy proceedings;[5][6] with the transfer of ownership, the organization was renamed the New Cult Awareness Network.

The “New Cult Awareness Network” (NCAN, often referred to as simply the “Cult Awareness Network“, though other than inheriting the name, it is unrelated to that older group) is an organization that provides information about cults, and is owned and operated by associates of the Church of Scientology, itself categorized in many countries as a cult. It was formed in 1996, with the name purchased from the now defunct Cult Awareness Network, an organization that provided information on groups it considered to be cults, and that strongly opposed Scientology.

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“I do think there is a connection between the NXIVM case and the lawsuit that was just filed. The language in the complaint is very similar to the charges against NXIVM,” Mann told The Epoch Times. “The allegations are the same—kidnapping, abuse, financial abuse, harassment.”

Mann said another parallel is the timing of the lawsuit against CSI and “the sense that they are filing it so quickly after this NXIVM case.” She described how the complaint’s emphasis on kidnapping had some resemblance to NXIVM, where members struggled to leave.

Scientology connections to Clinton/Kerry/Obama administration.

-Scientology’s links to the Clintons predate Hillary’s term at the State Department.

-The Clinton administration’s Internal Revenue Service grantedScientology its status as a tax-exempt church within Clinton’s first year in office in 1993.

-The church’s lobbying continued in 2012, as it spent a total of $80,000 ($20,000 per quarter) to lobby Clinton’s State Department.

-Scientology continued to lobby John Kerry’s State Department in each quarter of 2013 and 2014 after Clinton left office.

-Scientology’s Washington lobbyist also met with Obama White House officials to participate in multiple working groups and met with the Obama administration Transition Team before Obama took office, records reveal.…

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